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The New Religion by Artists Natalia Lvova and Misha Priem

  • 906.World Cultural Center 906 Broadway San Francisco United States (map)

Artists Natalia Lvova and Misha Priem bring to light their vision on modern society’s values and beliefs.

“Where will you look for answers to existential questions, whether as a believer in God or as an atheist? To answer the question, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ a modern person does not turn to God or the universe, but will search the all-knowing Internet,” says artist Natalia Lvova. “Is this too much? Is it insulting the feelings of believers? In Russia, yes. In California, no.”

“The New Religion” will run from June 23 – July 21 with a grand opening reception on June 23rd. Please join us for refreshments and valuable public talks.

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