Restoration of the oldest unaltered organ in the West Coast

906 Broadway preserves and cares for the oldest unaltered organ on the West Coast. The organ was completed in 1888 by Hook & Hastings, the greatest American organ builder of the 19th century, which also built the United States Centennial Organ. Originally located in Boston, MA, the organ was brought to San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake and fire, and since then it has been located in the former Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, which is now San Francisco Designated Landmark #204 and the home of 906 Broadway’s Cultural Center for the Arts, Creativity and Innovation. It is currently the oldest pipe organ in California; in 2018, it celebrated its 130th birthday.

More than 100 neighbors joined the celebration, during which they learned the history of the organ and listened to its marvelous sound, guessing popular tunes and trying to pick up on the difference between real Bach pieces and AI-generated music mimicking them. After the concert, guests were invited to tickle the 130-year-old ivories themselves and enjoy the delicious banana-walnut birthday cake.

"It almost feels like this crazy living, breathing thing. I'm serious. And it feels really powerful," said Suzanne Ramsy, a native San Franciscan, to ABC News after playing the organ. "Full body goose pimples if you will," added Josh Bradshaw, who takes care of the organ.


Sound Healing Meditation

In December, 2016, we partnered with Sound Meditation San Francisco to provide a session of deep meditation. The practice is aimed at easing anxiety and promoting a state of calm and relaxation. The beautiful and powerful sounds of Tibetan gongs and crystal singing bowls, shamanic drums, hang drums, ocean drums, Koshi chimes, tingsha chimes, harps, Native American flutes and other instruments used during the session brought harmony and filled participants with positive energy.


Project Collider

Project Collider was held at 906 Broadway on April 12, 2017. The event gathered 300 top tech entrepreneurs, corporate executives, VCs, and special guests, including Bakytzhan Sagintayev, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and other state and corporate leaders representing multi-billion dollar markets outside of the United States. The event included insightful discussions among corporate executives of Fortune 500 companies, venture capitalists from the top venture funds and CEOs from the most promising technology startups.


Community Yoga Session

In December, 2016, Daybreaker organized a unique event for yoga and dance lovers. It started with a one-hour yoga session and then continued with two hours of reckless dancing in the beautiful interior spaces of 906 Broadway. A wellness session combined with an aerial gymnast show and a DJ performance was definitely something our community hasn’t experienced before. “We don’t need to pretend to be someone else. We come as we are to sweat, dance and connect with ourselves and each other,” said the organizers.


Las Mañanitas celebration

A long lost tradition of celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe’s anniversary on December 12 was restored in 2018 and is the first annual tradition of 906 World Cultural Center. We had a fabulous time singing, eating and uniting with the Mexican Community.



The SheWorx100 Summit is a series of premier fundraising conferences for ambitious female entrepreneurs that help women build strategic relationships with top investors. The San Francisco conference in May, 2017, focused on helping female founders learn the ins and outs of fundraising via diverse capital sources, such as institutional VC, angel investors, crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, family offices and so on. Inc. Magazine said the initiative is helping to "shatter funding's glass ceiling." "SheWorx is changing the women's conference for good," wrote Business Journals.


ARTandVR: A Futurist Festival

In February, 2017, the cultural center hosted an immersive exhibition of virtual reality, electronic music, visionary speakers and interactive art. Guests were invited to dance beneath aerial acrobatics and light displays, take in a tea ceremony, lounge in the virtual meditation circle, create new worlds, and explore an alternate reality. ARTandVR brings together the art and tech communities of San Francisco and serves as a platform for local artists to foster future creation.