Art Initiatives at 906 Broadway

At 906 Broadway, we believe that art is the soul of a city. We also believe that art has no limits or borders. For these reasons, we invite local and international artists to tell their stories and showcase their work in our cultural center to engage and inspire the community. We encourage our visitors to use these events to meet neighbors, learn, share and discover their creative sides, not only by contemplating the art provided but by creating something themselves as well. 906 Broadway is a place where everyone can step out of their routine, express themselves, explore their talents and recharge.



Vladimir Manzhos, known as Wayone Interesni Kazki (Interesting Fairy Tales), is a world-famous muralist. His works have been exhibited in the USA, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, France and other countries, and his beautiful, dreamlike paintings decorate walls from Australia to Mexico and from San Francisco to Moscow. The mural on the wall in 906 Broadway’s backyard is a fantasy about the metamorphoses that human consciousness goes through in response to scientific progress and technology.



Sergiy Maidukov is an illustrator whose work has appeared in the Washington Post, Esquire Ukraine, the Boston Globe, Architectural Review, Datum, Harvard Business Review and Swerve, as well as in performances by the British Royal Dance Company. “I am inspired by silence when seeking for ideas. Music is a source of inspiration while I work. There is a frequent lack of silence, so, when I draw it’s quiet around,” he says, adding, “Tasty coffee makes me work better. ” This vivid, lively painting can be found in the educational hall at 906 Broadway.

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“Garden of Earthly Delights" BY EVGENIY LAPCHENKO

How would you represent the twenty-first century in a single painting? Ukrainian artist Evgeniy Lapchenko was inspired by Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights from the early 1500s: “It is the most iconic piece of art there is, powerful and intense. It shows the whole of life. I painted on top of the print, replacing some of the characters with the most iconic and progressive people of the XXI century: Steve Jobs, Daft Punk, the Wachowskis.” The painting is on permanent display at 906 Broadway.


“The New Religion" BY Natalia Lvova and Misha Priem

San Francisco, CA - Installation art banned by Russian authorities opens June 23rd at 906.World Cultural Center in San Francisco. Artists Natalia Lvova and Misha Priem bring to light their vision on modern society’s values and beliefs. “There is no god. There is the Internet.” is the maxim conveyed by the two creators, a sentiment that in modern-day Russia is considered to be offensive to religious people. The artists, in fact, want to express something different.

The exhibition features Stained Glass and The Temple. For centuries, stained glass windows have been excellent biblical storytellers; many parishioners were illiterate, and liturgies were performed in obscure Latin, so the luminous pictures helped convey important messages. The “New Religion” of the present day replaces God with the Internet; the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit with Google, Apple, and Facebook; the scenes from the passion of Christ with images of modern consumerism.


Ken Muir, Musician in Residence

We are delighted to welcome Ken Muir as Musician in Residence, bringing music education and appreciation into 906.World. You can hear Ken tickle the ivories in our lounge, check the 906.World schedule for details. Ken is available to teach jazz and improvisation to intermediate level students. If interested, please email him directly to inquire.

More about Ken: A beloved San Franciscian jazz pianist, Ken Muir has performed in the Bay Area and beyond. He has played and arranged for three of vocalist Paula West’s CDs and has performed at the San Francisco Jazz Festival, the Big Sur Jazz Festival, Davies Symphony Hall, Carnegie Hall, the Algonquin Hotel and Jazz at Lincoln Center. Presently, Ken is writing a musical play and teaches private lessons focusing on jazz improvisation and arranging.