1900s History

The former Roman Catholic church (Our Lady of Guadalupe Church) was designed by architects Frank T. Shea and John D. Lofquist in 1912.

Originally completed in 1880 then destroyed by the 1906 earthquake and fire. A reconstructed Church was consecrated on April 14, 1912.

The style is similar to colonial churches in Mexico and South America and earlier precedents in Spain and Portugal. The entire church, including the ceiling, is covered with classic paintings and murals loved by the critics. The frescos were completed in 1916. The faces of the angels on the ceiling were modeled after members of the children's choir. These paintings are the work of Luigi Brusaton, an Italian immigrant born in 1885.

The Church also contains the only extant mechanical organ in San Francisco, built in Boston, MA in 1888.



The church was closed and abandoned for 25+ years. It took 3 years & $10M worth of renovations to be reopened in 2018 as 906.World.

Now, it preserve its legacy and serve the community:

  • Education: helping people acquire necessary skills for the competitive SF job market. We have six classrooms offering part-time and full-time courses in design, marketing, public relations, coding, entrepreneurship, leadership, multimedia studies, art, technology and finance

  • Community engagement: finally opened the doors to the public for community events, from book clubs to art exhibits and much more

  • Event Venue: hosting special occasions in this unique setting: nightlife, off-sites, weddings, bar mitzvah, lectures etc.